10 Things to know about Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Freedom Trophy week is upon us…or as Badgers fans call it, “that week where we find a new way to humiliate Nebraska.” This season sees two teams that are heading in seemingly opposite directions. Wisconsin comes in undefeated, while Nebraska has slipped down the Big Ten pecking order a few rungs to say the least. But, does that mean an easy win for the Badgers when they visit...


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    If Wisconsin comes out and plays like they have in first halves, they are going to find it tough, winning on the road. If they come out on a mission, and score first, they're going to bury the Cornhuskers.

    This could be a real "statement game" for the Badgers program. They could tell everyone that they're the alpha dog.
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    Wisconsin has been such a Jekyll and Hyde team so far this year. Other than a pretty complete game against BYU they have had at least 1-2 quarters of poor play in each game so far and a few more quarters of mediocre play mixed in. They can maybe afford 1 bad quarter this week but will need to play a little better overall than last week to get the W.

    This game will turn on OL. If the OL can control the LOS and allow them to run then they can wear down Neb and get a solid 10-14 point win. If not it'll be much closer and could swing the other way letting Neb win a close one. There is no way Neb wins big, the defense is just too good to allow it.

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