Packers Free Agency: Letroy Guion agrees to 3-year deal, per report

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Da-news-now, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Green Bay has reportedly made its first move of the 2016 offseason, retaining a versatile piece of its defensive line.

    The official opening of free agency is still about a month away, but Ted Thompson is apparently getting a head start on re-signing his players before they hit the open market.

    Earlier this week, we broke down the Packers' defensive linemen set to hit free agency. Both B.J. Raji and Letroy Guion will be unrestricted free agents for the second straight season, and both players have made significant contributions to the team over the past few years.

    On Friday morning, ESPN's Adam Caplan provided the first report of the Packers retaining one of those players on a long-term deal:

    #Packers and DT Letroy Guion have agreed in principle to a 3-year, $11.25m deal, per league source.

    — Adam Caplan (@caplannfl) February 12, 2016

    Following his offseason arrest in early 2015, Guion signed a one-year deal that had a significant portion of the compensation tied up in per-game active roster bonuses. In large part, the structure of that deal was built to anticipate a suspension for his arrest, which came down as a three-game ban. Ultimately, that meant his 2015 deal ended up earning him a total value of about $2.5 million.

    ESPN's Rob Demovsky reports that the deal will actually be $11.75 million total over three years, but in either case, Guion will get a raise to nearly $4 million per season on this new contract and some security for the next few years.

    Guion has been a valuable piece to the line the past two years in Green Bay, serving as the team's starting nose tackle in 2014 when Raji was lost for the season due to a torn biceps. In 2015, he provided depth at both nose tackle and the five-technique end position, and started at end in four games. He recorded 21 total tackles in his 13 games.

    We will update you with terms of the contract as we learn more.

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    It's been stated in shoutbox that this means B.J Raji will probably accept his walking papers.

    To be truthful, I can't get beyond the fact that just over a year ago from now, Letroy was found with 357 grams of marijuana and $190,000 cash. The league subsequently suspended Guion for 3 games.
    Interesting signing by Ted.
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    Good move. Despite the grumblings, Guion is a good DT and worth bringing back. Good chance Raji is back also.
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    Let me be the first, again - it all depends on the structure of the contract. Given that it's tough to identify someone on the Packer D-Line as either tackle or end, and we know nothing about the contract other than a little under $4 mil per years, that puts him around 55th in the league.

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    I think Pennel could have easily replaced Guion for a fraction of the cost and get the same production.
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    If Pennel could have replaced him and his production he would have. I'm sure there is a safety net built in to the contract and I don't think the guarantee is gonna be that big of a deal. I'm still taking the wait and see approach. Guion is a risk but not a big one if the contract is written to protect the team
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    I am also in the camp that I think this ends any chance Raji is back. Which is kind of shocking being a TT 1st round pick and did not play awful this year. Only thing I can think of is that they offered this deal to both players and which ever one took it was the one they kept.

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    Indications are the Packers would entertain re-signing Raji if he's willing to come back for similar money. He played 1 year 2.75 million last year. No way he takes that. He will get multi year deal for 4-5 million I think. No way does he take less then Guion got
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    I doubt he'll be offered less than Guion. Ted likes to keep his own - especially first rounders. And I don't see another team offering BJ the moon. I don't think we can have too many fatties in there.

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