100 years of tradition


Back in 1919, my Father was a football player. He'd been injured the year before (a broken leg), and he could no longer play. He'd climb on his Indian motorcycle in Menominee, MI each weekend when the Packers were playing at home, and ride from there to Green Bay to watch the games.

It was different then. He knew all the players. He'd stand on the sidelines, and had two large flasks of brandy under his jacket. During the games, several players would stop to talk to him and have a "nip." He did that for years. It was how it was in those days.

As I sit down to night, to watch this 100th year anniversary begin, I'm going to raise a toast to 100 years of the Packers, and 100 years of my Dad, who was there with them on that sideline, as a friend, so long ago. Our every fiber has been to be Packer fans from before any of us that live now, were even a glimmer in anyone's eyes.

It's a special night. My entire family will be glued to their TVs around the nation, watching this game, and knowing that for 100 years, we've been there one way or another, as family.

I will also be thinking about an old dear friend whose Grandfather was President of the Packers so long ago, and having had the honor to meet him on a historic occasion, the first time the Packers played for an NFL Championship in Green Bay. It's something I will never forget.

Now, for all of you who look at it as something to cheer, and complain about, please remember that you are fans of the greatest NFL team to ever grace a football field, and their championship records speak for themselves.

They have been, and always will be, "The greatest show every on a football field." They've earned that title, in my opinion.

Now, it's time for me to finish the brats, and enjoy the game.