Wisconsin Badgers at Nebraska Cornhuskers: Preview, predictions and prognostications


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Saturday night, the Wisconsin Badgers will renew their “long-standing” rivalry with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. On the line will be the Freedom Trophy, which hasn’t known any home other than inside Camp Randall Stadium since its inception in 2014. UW blew the Huskers out in the first battle for the Freedom Trophy in 2014, winning 59-24 on a snowy Saturday afternoon inside Camp...


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The Huskers are tough at home, especially under the lights. The Badgers can expect a team coming at them which has one purpose, and one purpose only. WIN TODAY'S GAME!

That might sound like a "Huh?", moment, but it's not. It's the same as a Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers game. If your team is down, and the other is up during the year, it's the kind of game you point at and say; "I beat them, it's to best of my season." The Huskers have taken on the Badger game as one of their chief rivalries in the Big 10, and for obvious reasons. They point at their first game for the Freedom Trophy as a reason for "revenge." The Badgers blew them out. With most teams, just the blow out is enough, but the trophy has "never' stayed in Nebraska for more than one game day. It has been Wisconsin's to pretty much "own."

The only thing that can potentially save their coaching jobs is that they put together a decent season, and take out the preseason favorites to win the Western Division of the Big 10. Doing that, and ending up with a solid season, would give the Huskers a respectable bowl appearance, and right now, that might be all that keeps their coaches in town.

If anyone believes Wisconsin will see the type of play they've seen out of Nebraska until now - during this season - put those beliefs aside, and watch for them to pull out all the stops, and wrinkles they can add to both sides of the ball, to make them good enough to beat the Badgers.

I'm picking the Badgers to win this one 34 - 24. It's going to be tough, especially during the first half.

Above all, Wisconsin can not afford to fall two scores behind, or it's over for them. They just don't have the passing game to light it up for a shoot-out.