2nd half outburst leads Badgers to win over Northwestern

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Sep 30, 2017.

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    The 2017 Wisconsin Badgers have gained a reputation as a second-half team. Consider that cemented, as UW overcame a sloppy first half and used an early push in the second half to win 33-24 over Northwestern. Wisconsin’s defense came to play for four quarters, but it took halftime for UW’s offense to come along for the ride. The defense racked up 10 sacks, had two interceptions — one of...


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    Badgers overcame a sloppy first half to get the win. The bye week hangover was in full swing. OL needs work again and Hornibrooke had typical young QB yips game early ( I think his leg bothered him more than they let on).

    Badgers have some exciting young WR that will change things with time. Badgers are 100% a second half team as the staff is fantastic with halftime adjustments.

    Big game with Nebraska coming up. A win puts them firmly in the driver's seat in the west.
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    Yup, a sloppy first half and a lack-luster 4th quarter.

    Northwestern has a decent, but not great, defense. The Badgers complete inability to run the ball late in that game made the score closer than it needed to be. One or two first downs in those last 2 drives and they win fairly comfortably. This is nothing close to the elite OL they have had in years gone by. It's a "decent" group but so far, not special in any way.

    Hopefully they are a little stronger against Nebraska next week, right from the start. Need to start fast and put Nebraska in a hole right away.

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