A tale of two games

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by TW, Feb 11, 2018.

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    I watched the Wisconsin/Michigan basketball game today. I saw two games. The first was the game where the Badgers stood around, watching Happ play basketball. They didn't move on offense, just stood there, as if they didn't have any idea what they were supposed to do.

    If someone picked up the dribble on the outside, guys weren't moving to get in position to expect a pass, and nobody was moving the ball quickly, and with the intent of creating mismatches. They were down by 25 points, and I was ready to walk away.

    Then, at halftime, they came out, and started playing the game that Bo taught for years. They chipped away at the lead, and actually got it back to within 7, before running out of steam and time with about 4 minutes left. They actually looked like the team I've expected to see all year.

    They drove the lanes. They moved the ball around the arc, quickly, and used their passes effectively. When they dumped it down to Happ, they moved to find open spots, so he could move it back out, if he was double and triple teamed. They played like they were capable of being in the mix for an NCAA spot. They played like they're capable of playing.

    I just don't understand why Gard can't get these kids working like they should.
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    something is definitely wrong. going from where they were last season to where they are now is absurd. hard to believe that bo could have been so wrong about gard.

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