Cowboys having marital problems!

Discussion in 'Around The NFL' started by TW, Sep 18, 2017.

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    You gotta read the article. I guess we know what kind of "heart" these guys have in Dallas. They get called out by their coach, and members of the media.

    It tells me Garrett hasn't got as much control as he should, over his team. I wasn't sold on Prescott last year. I thought he was the beneficiary of strong play by guys around him, more than his own QB skills. His athleticism is beyond question, so he will rebound, but he needs to get his head wrapped around his personal role in the offense.

    As for Elliott, Tomlinson is right. He did quit on them.

    The Cowboys will come back strong, but the seed is already planted that Garrett isn't going to be around next year, because these guys don't give him all they've got. I am concerned that there might be some underlying currents here, but don't know exactly what it is.

    Cowboys Problems
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    Jerry Jones always babies his star players and never holds them accountable. Hell he covered up Irvin nearly killing a teammate.
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