Mixed feelings....expected fa signings

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Terranimal, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Terranimal

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    Wilkerson gas been speculated on already but now local news is saying TE Jimmy Graham also.

    Mixed thoughts on these two depending on what $ we get them for and signing bonuses. Personally thought there was better target options at these positions....
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  2. 57packer

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    I'm 100% OK with Wilkerson - one year deal with incentives. No long term implications and maybe he has a big season to try and grab one more contract next spring.

    I'm so-so on Graham. Need to see the structure of the contract, but seems kinda high (and long) for a guy who is on the down-side of his career. I think he can still be effective but I would have been happier with a younger guy like Burton.
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  3. GBkrzygrl

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    So the rumor mill is alive and well. We are supposedly cutting Jordy and picking up Graham and Wilkerson. sh)) Neither one of these guys makes me jump up and down for joy. Maybe that's a good thing. Definitely need a CB. We also need a WR....

    Graham doesn't block. How is that going to work? I'm glad to see that the Packers are doing something and I'm so far from an expert, but I'm doing a little head scratching right now.
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  4. ChampionshipBelt

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    Wilkerson is a 1 year prove it deal. No risk and could turn into a great signing.

    Graham had about 600 yards and 10 TDs last year. He has not had anyone like AR at QB since Brees. I like the signing to help TE for now.
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  5. rpiotr01

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    Back during the combine Gutekunst indicated that there were no current plans to cut Cobb or Nelson, but that they had plans in case they needed money for FA. The take away was that they were willing to continue paying Jordy what he was owed regardless of their opinion on what he had left.

    If anything this shows he wasn't lying. I believe they were willing to pay $10m+ for a talented but declining receiving option, but they made the call that a talented but declining TE presented better match-ups than a talented but declining WR. They had to make a tough choice, I credit Gutey for doing it and owning it. We'll see how it works out.
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  6. Wolfman

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    There's a reason very few people are able to be NFL GM's. Personally, I couldn't have done it...and sometimes it needs to be done. Surprised to not hear of a Cobb restructure. No way he's worth 12.5 Mill! Neither is Clay anymore. They need to free up some money. If the Packers go into this season with that secondary, we're not getting anywhere NEAR the Super Bowl! Gute better hope whoever he drafts turns out to be a big hit...
  7. dannobanano

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    I don't think Green Bay expects Graham to do any blocking because he never has. He's strictly a receiving TE, and a darn good one. Even with an off year on yardage in 2017 he still snagged 10 TD's (from Russell Wilson). When was the last time GB had a TE with 10 TD's in one season? Most of the time Graham is split out from the OL. He will not be a part of the running game. If they want a TE who can block/catch...........then draft Dalton Schultz (Stanford) this year, and work him in over the course of the season.

    As far as Matthews goes...............the draft, and/or the end of T/C cut downs (may) determine whether of not they go to him with any kind of contract offers/concessions. They can do anything with his contract prior to the first day of the regular season. But on that day, as a vested veteran, the entire 2018 amount will be owed to him.

    GBP4EVER Member

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    While I think Graham was paid a lot at 10 million for a aging player he is still a redzone threat. I prefer him over Burton as Burton has been a career backup. I would rather take a proven player over a unproven starter.

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