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Discussion in 'Around The NFL' started by TW, Sep 17, 2017.

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    Flipping back and forth on Sunday Ticket, watching the Bears, and Vikings getting beat, I came to several conclusions.

    The Bears are in big trouble. They could get a top 4 pick in the draft again. They just plain haven't got anything going for them. I keep hearing about their improved defense, but in all honesty, it's fair, but it won't hold up with absolutely no offense to generate points. The old statement, "The Bears still suck!," really seems about right at this point.

    The Vikings aren't nearly as good as their fans believe they are. Forget their QB woes. Their problems go a lot deeper. They have some decent players, but even when they have both Bridgewater and Bradford back, they're going to end up using Bridgewater at some point, over Bradford, and that will be the end, for both of them. They're going to be lucky to win 6 games this year. It just isn't there.

    That means that the battle is between the Packers & Lions for the Division, and quite honestly, I believe we're a much better team than the Lions. Their running game is suspect, like ours, and I don't believe they have the receivers or TE combos we do. I also think their defense is totally overrated. They're going to fold when the season wears on.

    I see the Packers winning this division by at least two games, unless Rodgers misses time.
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    The Packers are definitely the class of the North now, because they won it last year, but the Lions will be their biggest competition. Then again, the Lions fans have been saying that for a decade, and for all intents and purposes, with all the top draft choices, they should have contended a lot more. Only 2 games in. A lot of play left but it'll be a battle for the title.

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