Which Wisconsin Basketball Freshmen Will Contribute in 2017?

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Jun 20, 2017.

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    With the Wisconsin Badgers losing four of their starters and 63 percent of their scoring from a year ago, there are a lot of question marks facing the 2017-18 team. Wisconsin has made the NCAA Tournament 19 seasons in a row, but this season will provide that streak with a huge test. Wisconsin does still have Ethan Happ, but he is surrounded with a lot of returning unproven, inexperienced...


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    Of the true freshman, King is probably the most talented and should get some minutes. Davison also seems like he might be Big-10 ready as he's a pretty strong, well built kid who won't be physically intimidated.

    The surprise "freshman" contribution could come from Aleem Ford. The red-shirt frosh has length, pretty good athleticism, and apparently has some outside game. Might get some of Vito Brown's minutes.
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    I can see all three cutting in for some time this year. If the coaching staff is right, Ford was probably a player candidate last year, but they kept him as a red-shirt, to insure four years with him playing - assuming he doesn't jump to the pros early.

    This upcoming season is going to be interesting on a lot of levels. I wonder how they will surround Happ on the court, to insure he gets utilized the best they can. Will Trice be that real-deal point guard. No matter what happens, it's going to be a young team, and if they make waves in the Big 10, the future will be great.

    Good thoughts 57!
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