Who should the next Packers GM be?

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by silverstar294, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. mzahn

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    My vote would be for Schneider. If I remember right, he wanted the job.
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  2. Scoremore12

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    I voted for Dorsey.....although I doubt he will be back in Green Bay. Next choice is Elliot Wolf. I think he would be better than any of the others...and it is not because of his last name.

    Russ Ball I don't think will even be in the running and Schneider wont be leaving Seattle as I believe he recently signed a new contract. I also don't believe the rumor saying he had an out in his old contract if the Packers job came open. I think that was nothing more than a rumor somebody started that s.pread like wildfire. I don't think we see a different GM for awhile, at least til Ted's contract runs out.
  3. GBkrzygrl

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    I voted for Wolf...not so much because of his dad but because he has been scouting for years. The Packers appear to be giving him a lot of experience in different areas. My one caveat would be if Ball would remain the money man.

    I'm not surprised that Wolf didn't get a GM job recently. I think he only had 2 interviews and bowed out of interest in one job.
  4. oakleaf

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    Why the shot at Eliot Wolf?

    And where's John Schneider? Not that I'd want him as GM, since I don't believe he really grew up in Wisconsin...
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