Wisconsin Badgers 2019 Football Recruiting: Running Back breakdown

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    With 2017 in the rearview mirror and the 2018 Wisconsin Badgers recruiting class already signed, sealed and mostly delivered, it is truly an offseason to look forward to what is ahead. That’s especially true on the recruiting trail, where the Badgers are way ahead of their normal curve. UW already has four commits to the 2019 class and there is a ton of buzz around the potential for this...


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    It's going to be interesting watching Nakia Watson vying for playing time in 2018, with Taylor. The kid is really good. I watched him play 12 games this year, and he is exactly the type of runner who will excel with the Badgers. Then, in 2019, we get Julius Davis who is pretty good in his own right, and we have a three headed monster just like the Badgers hope for, with Deal and James. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, but I believe it will with this new batch.

    If Leonhard can get that defense to perform at their 2017 level, and the Badgers offense improves over the next two years, this team could be a contender for a Big 10 title and beyond.
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