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    Blowout was the word of the day in College Football last weekend (with two upsets of varying degree). I don't have much of a lead in, except that any person, with or without a pulse, is welcome to provide input on any and all future polls, just get me your picks sometime before Wednesday and I'll include the votes!

    1. Clemson - I am always more impressed by true road victories, even though Alabama made this really close by just boat-racing Ole Miss. My tip is to the Tigers. (last: 2)
    2. Alabama - a monster win, though against a reeling team. Still impressive. (last: 3)
    3. Washington - speaking of blowouts, here’s another in Corvallis. You feel bad for Coach Anderson sometimes. (last: 5)
    4. Oklahoma - inactive
    5. Georgia - another pounding, this time shutting out the Vols on Rocky Top. Is Georgia really this good? They sure look like it. Can Kirby Smart avoid the collapses that the Mark Richt teams always seemed to have? (last: 7)
    6. Wisconsin - That's not what great teams do, but that is how a great defense steps up when you absolutely have to get a stop. I am no longer of the belief that Hornibrook will win the Heisman. (last: 1)
    7. Penn State - dropping a spot speaks more to how impressed I am with Georgia was, though Iowa going and dropping a game to Maryland doesn't help the Lions SOS. Maryland has caught a few teams this year though. (last: 6)
    8. Ohio State - moving up a few spots due to my rule of not moving inactive teams and absolutely blowing the doors off of Rutgers. I'll give a team some props for following along with the Theme of the Week® (last: 10)
    9. TCU - inactive
    10. Washington State - wooo! They won't forget that one for a while. (last: 14)

    11. Oklahoma State - see? I told you playing TT would help set things right. You even managed to stick with tradition and leave the defense in Stillwater. Another classic Big XII "hey, let's let them score here so we can get the ball back" game coming up against Baylor. (last: 11)
    12. Michigan - inactive
    13. Auburn - I said that the Tigers would crack this thing with a win over MSST, but I didn't expect them to be so enthusiastic about it! (last: NR)
    14. USC - are they good? I'm not sure, but I think so. I still expect them to be the team to beat in the South. Or Pacific. Or whatever their half of the Pac-?? is called. (last: 8)
    15. Miami - you finally played enough games for me to consider putting you in here! Beating Duke sure helped, as they've put together a solid early season resume. (last: NR)
    16. Virginia Tech - an exciting game for the parts I was able to watch, but you were really stymied by the Clemson D from what I was told. Your stadium looks little. (last: 13)
    17. Notre Dame - you guys are really high when looking at some of the metrics, though that loss to Georgia sure looks "good" and is probably helping prop you up. Something has to be, because the rest of your schedule thus far is only so-so. (last: 18)
    18. San Diego State - most of you know that I have a soft spot for the up and comers in the college football world, but I'm making a switch here from the work I did earlier in the week. This team will in all likelihood make my 16 team playoff, but they are going to make the seeding difficult. They've got some good talent but have really been struggling lately, like against Northern Illinois. Although this is the same NIU team that beat Nebraska. In Lincoln. So... I'm going to have to find a way to watch some of your games from start to finish (somehow). (last: 17)
    Next in line: Utah, So Flo (this is cheating, but as I was going to post I checked the Louisville/NC ST score, and the wolfpack are now on the watch list. They may be on next week's poll)

    Newcomers: Miami, Auburn

    128. Kansas -
    Bowling Green gets released, because, while I don't really have that much fun shitting all over a MAC team, the Jayhawks are a whole different story. I'd suggest you just fold up, but then the other BigXII schools would have to pay someone to come get kicked around for homecoming :) (last: 128) (aside: the O/U on Tech @ Kansas is 80.5, guess which team will put up most of those points)
    129. LSU - fun fact: the Troy QB who engineered the upset over LSU was in the stands the last time Troy upset LSU (in 2001), or so I thought I read somewhere. The Coach Aranda parody account on Twitter was just phenomenal to read. (last: haha)
    130. Baylor/Louisville basketball - I may have to separate this out soon. What a freaking joke. (last: 130)

    Climbed out of the Pit: Florida State (yay! you won a game!)
    Escaped the Inferno: Bowling Green (and don't come back)
    Welcome to Hel: LSU

    Ranking suggestions for next week can be gotten to me publicly or privately (and if you need that info again, just ask) whether by plane, train, or automobile. Smoke signals and telegraph cables are also permitted.

    Last week's poll is here <---
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    Great job CC ! Thanks br)
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    Excellent! There's nothing I can disagree with, in what you offered, and I guess I'm the "present" king of picking college games from this past week. I got them 100% right in our contest. It's been about 4 or 5 years since I did anything like that.

    This is going to be an interesting season. So many Big 10 teams high in the early polls, and they'll start knocking each other out, like they do every year.

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