2019 Initial College Football Poll

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Gentlemen, older gentlemen, the occasional lady and kids of all ages step right up and see the never asked for but always delivered one of a kind of a kind that’s too numerous to count, the WST College Football Poll presented by Crease Creature!
As you should all remember, my purpose with this is fun! excitement! controversy! because why should we let people get away with a team’s ranking before even playing a game influence how things stack up! And since we pre-date the College Football Playoff by a good 2 minutes, be witness to the original and only true set up for determining a champion—the 16-team playoff with an automatic qualifier from each FBS conference.
Before we begin, just one further note: each season exists in a bubble. All that matters is who you played where, and how you did. You get no love from me for scheduling the obvious cream puff. On with the poll!

  1. Clemson—Easily the most impressive schedule that I have seen in an early season in the last few years. They make up for it later (cowards!) but they’ve more than taken care of business at the onset here.
  2. Alabama—not quite as impressive as Clemson (NM St is barely a D1 team), they’ve still done well. Of the teams with three wins, ‘Bama and Clemson are clearly the best
  3. Oklahoma—So far right there behind the first two. Even though UCLA is garbage (and I’m pretty sure they weren’t very good when this series was scheduled) I still give credit for playing a true road game, and hosting Houston isn’t always a cakewalk either.
  4. Ohio State—there’s no question that the bucknuts are going to be the class of the B1G this year, Penn State may protest, but Ohio St has been raining hellfire on everyone they’ve played, who at the very least are not nobodies. I think Florida Atlantic even made our playoff not too long ago.
  5. LSU—I think they belong here. Sure 2 of 3 have been nothing to write home about, going to Texas (and Texas is looking to make some noise this year) and getting that win means something to me.
  6. Utah—likewise, that road win at BYU is probably going to look pretty good at the end of the year, and the rest of the schedule looks a little bit better than…
  7. UCF—averaging 50+ ppg, and whupping up Stanford at home is ok with me. That and Pitt are good enough non-con games that they’ll be in play at the end
  8. Florida—I would have put you a liiiitle bit higher, but I had to look up your second opponent to make sure they actually played football. The Gators join Clemson and Alabama in having solid non-con wins and a good victory over a conference foe.
  9. Auburn—Oregon looks to be much improved, that’s a good win
  10. Georgia—get out of here with that schedule, you’re only here because I can’t come up with a way to legitimize Memphis or Boise St ahead of you. You look to be good but I can’t really tell. Your season starts this weekend.
  11. Boise St—yeah the Seminoles have fallen on hard times which not even the arrival of potential All-American and Heisman hopeful Allen Hornybrook can alleviate, but going in there, winning, and then taking care of a few marshmallows is what this time of year is about
  12. Memphis—beat an SEC team
  13. Wisconsin—it’s not your fault that you’ve only played twice, what a weird schedule quirk
  14. Notre Dame—it’s totally your fault that you’ve only played two games.
  15. Michigan—it may not be your fault you’ve only played twice, but I am gonna hold it against you.
On the bubble: Penn St, Cal, Wazzou

No visit to the Pit of Despair this week, but let’s see what happens now that we get a few more real games on the docket!