2019 Packers Camp Update: August 10


Carpe Diem
Practice Starts at: 11 AM CDT
  • Full pads today
  • OL Jason Spriggs Waived/Injured, LB Kendall Donnerson Waived/Injured, RB Corey Grant Released
  • RB Keith Ford Signed, S Ibraheim Campbell Signed
  • With all these moves we have two open roster spots right now.
Not Practicing: LB Oren Burks (Chest), FB Malcolm Johnson (Groin), DL Kingsley Keke (Quad Contusion), OL Bryan Bulaga (Rest), FB Danny Vitale (Calf-during practice), Kabion Ento (Hamstring-during practice)
Injuries: Matt LaFleur (Achilles-pretty serious), TE Jace Sternberger (Jaw / Concussion Evaluation), WR Trevor Davis (Stinger/Neck), CB Kevin King (Hamstring), DL Fadol Brown (Calf), RB Jamaal Williams(Hamstring), LB Greg Roberts (PUP), S Ibraheim Campbell (PUP)

  • Aaron Jones is back from his hamstring injury.
  • Corey Linsley back at practice after missing last two with biceps injury.
  • Josh Jackson (foot) has been cleared for individual drills.
  • Fullback Danny Vitale heading inside with a trainer. Calf injury.
  • Billy Turner lining up with the 1s at RT with Bryan Bulaga not practicing. Rookie Elgton Jenkins starting at RG.
  • Aaron Rodgers gets Rashan Gary to jump offside. Again. The rookie getting a first-class education.
  • Tim Boyle with a bomb to Jake Kumerow for a 70-yard TD over Kabion Ento deep down middle of field. Get excited.
  • Another missed opportunity for Moore, unable to hold onto a deep ball from Boyle while tumbling to turf.
  • Turner back to RG, Light at RT next team period.
  • Geronimo Allison beats Tramon Williams on a deep out, Aaron Rodgers’ ball is perfect, but Allison drops it. You don’t see that often.
  • Allison just beat Tony Brown on basically the same play. Didn’t drop this one. Life resumes to normal.
  • Darrius Shepherd & Allen Lazard are getting more than a few reps with Aaron Rodgers today. St. Brown not participating in team drills.
  • MVS with spectacular sideline catch from Rodgers
  • Jenkins ended team period taking center reps with 2nd team.
  • Rookie RB Dexter Williams has two drops today on short passes.
  • Incredible throw from Aaron Rodgers, threading Darnell Savage Jr and (I think) Tony Brown to Jake Kumerow on slant. Savage got great break on ball. One of those where you watch Savage, thinking he picked it off, only to see Kumerow come up with it. No idea how 12 threaded it.
  • Billy Turner has had a really good day at RT. Pass blocked really well. They will have to consider starting him there if he continues to play like that.
  • On third & 7, no one open initially. Rodgers bought time, found Tonyan open for 15 yards and first down.
  • Rodgers found favorite WR Davante Adams on a perfect back-shoulder throw to right sideline. Jaire Alexander could not have covered it better, but that was impossible. Change the 1 on Adams’ jersey to 8, and it could’ve been vintage Jordy Nelson.
  • Aaron Rodgers just pantsed OL coach Adam Stenavich in the middle of practice. Not fully, but he had to pull ‘em back up. 12 in a good mood today apparently.
  • Kizer hits Shepherd deep down the left side over Jamerson. Rodgers runs 30 yards downfield for a leaping shoulder bump with Shepherd.
  • That’s it. 1 hour, 49 minutes.
  • Oren Burks not practicing today after injuring his left shoulder in Thursday’s game
  • Curtis Bolton next to Martinez in first team period. Amos and Savage are the No. 1 safeties.
  • OLB Za’Darius banged up his lower leg in a collision with WR Geronimo Allison on a jet sweep. Back already.
  • Curtis Bolton would’ve just sacked Aaron Rodgers in team drills off a blitz.
  • ILB Ty Summers keeps making plays. He undercuts a crossing route from WR Malik Taylor, getting a good jump on Kizer’s pass. Summers then tipped it twice before intercepting it. A nice, juggling pick.
  • Brady Shelton picks off Tim Boyle in 11-on-11s. Excellent read on the pass intended for Lazard. Makes up for his dropped INT Thursday.
  • Brown breaks up a sideline pass to Adams. He and Jaire then dance.
  • Kabion Ento with a one-hand pull in over his shoulder INT on under-thrown deep ball from Kizer to Kumerow. After the play, Aaron Rodgers rushes over and tries to take the ball away from the defense.
  • Tony Brown has had three breakups in this period covering sideline. He is dominating. He’s broke up passes from Rodgers to Adams and Graham and smothered MVS,
Special Teams:
Crosby 5/5 | 24: Good | 31: Good | 35: Good | 41: Good | 44: Good
Ficken 3/5 | 24: Good | 31: Good | 35: Good | 41: Wide left | 44: Wide left

Josh Jackson is back.
Aaron Jones is back.
Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Graham

Practice has ended at: 12:49 PM | 1 hrs 49 min
Next event is: Training Camp Tomorrow (8/11) at 10:15 AM CDT

Press Conference Notes:
  • Matt LaFleur says Kabion Ento went out late in practice with hamstring. FB Danny Vitale has a calf.
  • LaFleur on Darrius Shepherd: "You see him all over the place. Inside, outside. He's doing a nice job."
  • LaFleur pleased to get Aaron Jones back on the field. Just took individual today. Won’t rush return. “We’re going to be pretty smart about it.”
  • LaFleur didn't have an update on Oren Burks. Asked if his chest injury is serious: "I hope not."
  • LaFleur says rookie Elgton Jenkins is going to be a "really good player." Believes he'll play in this league along time. "The future is bright for him."


Dexter Williams has not looked good in camp drops in passing game and struggles in blitz pickup I really question if he will make the team. Also Jammal Williams can't get on the field and old saying can't make the club in the tub.


i will put money that dex makes this team. Hell he might be the 2. once he gets comfortable he will be fine as a backup.
Yeah I really liked the pick out of draft thought he would be good fit for ML's offense. But ML has not said many good things about him so far more that he has a lot of work to do to improve.


Draft Guru
2018 Draft Guru
From the total picture of all practices so far it seems like some names keep showing up - good and bad.
- Kumerow just keeps making plays, if he stays healthy he's on the roster.
- MVS seems to have a knack for making that one big play every practice. He might not be the 2 or 3, but he'll have a role.
- Moore just needs to start over somewhere else. Kid has talent but he has the yips and might need a new team. Hell, even on the TD pass on Thursday he juggled it.
- Shepard might be the #6 WR if Davis isn't. Both he and/or Lazard deserve a look on the PS if they aren't on the 53.
- RB has me a little concerned but not overly. I think Dexter Williams will be fine. Jones is back and hopefully stays healthy. People get down on Jamaal Williams because he's not a breakaway threat. He runs a little ugly but hard, pass blocks, catches pretty well and is "available". Every team needs one of those guys when the prettier backs are injured.
- Billy Turner has been a little better than advertised. They don't have a ton of depth on the line, but with Jenkins and McCray everything other than LT seems pretty well covered right now unless the injuries really hit hard.
- Ento is raw, but hopefully they find a way to stash him on the PS. He just keeps making nice plays every practice.
- Tony Brown might be a find. Hopefully he's put that immature stuff from last season behind him because he has the talent to play in this league if his head is right.
- Summers might be a seventh rd steal. He keeps playing steady football. Perhaps not a starter but a dependable back-up and special teamer.
- Gary jumps out at you when you see him move, but I still don't see him making a lot of plays, including on Thursday. I don't know how to describe it, but maybe "body control" is best. He'll completely overpower or run past the guy across the line but then he's not in position to make the play. It's almost like he'd be better if he was a half-step slower or more in control. Hopefully it will come with experience.