2019 Packers Camp Update: August 13


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Practice Starts at: 10:15 AM CDT


  • Full pads today.
  • Packers claim CB Derrick Jones off waivers and sign FB Tommy Bohanon.
  • Packers are back at a full 90 man roster.
Not Practicing: S Josh Jones (Illness)
Injuries: Matt LaFleur (Achilles-pretty serious), LB Oren Burks (Chest), FB Malcolm Johnson (Groin), FB Danny Vitale (Calf), CB Kabion Ento (Hamstring), WR Trevor Davis (Stinger/Neck), Jace Sternberger (Jaw), CB Kevin King (Hamstring), DL Fadol Brown (Calf), RB Jamaal Williams(Hamstring), LB Greg Roberts (PUP), S Ibraheim Campbell (PUP)

  • Aaron Jones takes first snap in team. Bursts around the corner. Back in team drills for the first time in almost two weeks.
  • Rodgers not able to connect with MVS on two deep balls this period but he’s had a step on secondary both times. Rodgers underthrew MVS and Jaire Alexander almost picked it off. Then he overthrows MVS.
  • Rodgers checkdown to Jones with a wide open sideline.
  • Rodgers reads the blitz, hitch to Shepherd for would be first down on 3-7. Gets a fist bump from Hackett.
  • Rodgers lofts a beautiful over-the-shoulder pass down right sideline to Tonyan who goes over Redmond for a nice connection.
  • Boyle threads the needle to Teo Redding in the middle between 3 defenders. Tough throw and catch. Redding gets pinballed around and makes the grab.
  • ESB just made two nice snags from Tim Boyle on back to back plays in move the ball period.
  • LaFleur is not messing around with the idea of using a fullback. Bohanon already with 1s in team.
  • Rodgers hits Gmo on a hitch. Gmo juked Tony Brown. Hit the gas, and he was gone.
  • Aaron Rodgers flexing his hard count today. Got Dean Lowry to jump earlier. Either got Za’Darius Smith or Preston Smith (maybe both) to jump just now. He’s good at that.
  • Rodgers drops a dime to Graham for a 32 yard TD on 3-17. Got behind Amos and Rodgers led him into space. Ran to the post and while the ball was in the air, he flipped his shoulders to the outside and snagged it.
  • Tim Boyle quarterbacks first two-minute drill at end of practice today. Aaron Rodgers goes second. QB controversy in Green Bay? hahaha
  • Rodgers deep to Adams on fourth down during two minute. Adams skies for a 50-50 over Darnell Savage and Jaire Alexander for 42-yard grab. What a catch. Shouldn't mock the belt.
  • Randy Ramsey just threw a stiff arm from hell to pressure Wilkins off the edge. Still found Baylis for 13.
  • Final play of practice: Wilkins finds Teo Redding for a TD, but defense celebrating, saying Markus Jones got a sack before the throw. So both sides of the ball celebrating.
  • Curtis Bolton with the 1s again at ILB alongside Blake Martinez. Ty Summers and James Crawford with the 2s.
  • Kizer leads Lazard too far and throws it right to Redmond for the pick.
  • Rashan Gary with a lightning fast rush to beat Pankey around the left side. I fear for Boyle's health if it was a game.
  • Za’Darius Smith gets around David Bakhtiari and would’ve sacked Aaron Rodgers if it was allowed.
  • Preston Smith sacks Rodgers in two-minute and does the belt.
  • No. 1 defense dominates No. 1 offense in 2-minute. Only a 53-yard jump ball from Rodgers to Adams makes it close. But on last play Bakhtari holds Rashan Gary and time runs out.
Special Teams:
  • Crosby 27: Good 32: Good 37: Good
  • Ficken 27: Good 32: Good 37: Good
New FB Tommy Bohanon
AR12 deep to MVS vs no one.
Helicopter circling over Packers practice. Rogue pilot or Bears scouting department?
Practice has ended at: 12:21 PM | 2 hrs 6 min
Next event is: Preseason Game #2: Packers @ Ravens | Thursday (8/15) at 6:30 PM CDT

Press Conference Notes:
  • Gutekunst Hoping it's a "short-term thing" with Burks. He feels good about the ILB depth without Burks. Summers stepped up in a "big way" vs. Houston and Bolton "has done a nice job."
  • Packers could keep two fullbacks, Gutekunst says. "We've used the fullback quite a bit."
  • Brian Gutekunst on holding his breath whenever Aaron Rodgers plays in the preseason: "I worked for Ted for a long time. He always liked to say our best offseason was the lockout year."
  • Gutekunst on Shepherd: "He's been a really nice surprise for us. He's earned more opportunities."
  • On the last play of practice LaFleur said he’s giving the D a sack although he noted QB Manny Wilkins is slippery.
  • Matt LaFleur says the plan is to play Aaron Rodgers and the starters a quarter or so on Thursday against Baltimore. Offense and defense. *Except for Aaron Jones, who just returned to team drills today.


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So does anyone have insight on Burks? A 'short term' thing and 'out for the season' seem pretty far apart.


I don't think anyone knows HH. Probably doesn't necessarily keep him out the whole season but depending on severity, a torn pectoral will keep him out for a number of weeks, maybe a few months. November at the earliest sounds about right from what little I've read, but unless you are in Doc McKenzie's office in Lambeau nobody knows. I'd bet they I.R. him with a chance to return after week 8, which pushes this out until at least November.


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Would Burks be eligible for PUP, or is that out the window since he has practiced?
Maybe IR designated to return is the option.
I just think it’s counterproductive to have him eat up a roster spot that could be used for someone who might play over the next 3+ months.


Keeping two FB's definitely means only 6 WR's. Maybe 5. I am also wondering if we cut Lewis at TE and only keep 3 TE's. With Burks going on 8 week IR that should also give them a little more flexibility.


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If we only keep 5 WR, don't be surprised if there is a surprise cut like Allison or EQ. Adams, MVS, Kumerow, Sheppard, Davis? On the one hand yeah you're keeping two UDFAs there, but on the other, Allison is a UDFA and EQ is a 6th round pick, so not a ton of investment there.

In that case you're considering Graham and Jace (for whatever he can contribute year 1) as WRs, then Tonyan and Lewis are your Y TEs.


I doubt Burks will be ready before December, and because of that, he'll be on IR for the season. That is, unless they're pressed to bring him back for a body. My guess is they'll try to stash someone on the practice squad that can move up to the roster if they start to have injuries at linebacker. Probably two of the PS guys will be linebackers, maybe even three.


so i read the entire "offense" portion and didn't see a single mention of kizer. and i'm thinking "did i miss a trade?" then i read the defense section . . . there he is! i really hope we get to see boyle play in the first half.

it seems like no matter what we will be cutting at least one wide receiver that people are going to be upset about.
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