2022 Badger Football Thread

Can I pretend I have college exp and apply because as a fan I for sure know the most about calling plays. I would call at least one flea flicker every game. :)
Legally they have to post any opening, hell in remember the HC gig being posted. Usually when they do this they have someone in place and the posting is more a formality. There is some chatter that Tolzein is line for the spot. Based on the events in Dallas this last weekend maybe he’s out there.
Did not know Scott Tolizen was even coaching
According to reports Thursday from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal, Bob Bobstad will be the Wisconsin Badgers' next offensive line coach.

It will not be an unfamiliar role for Bostad, who's coached UW's inside linebackers for the last five seasons. He coached the offensive line from 2008-11 during his first stint with the program, which he started in 2006 as tight ends coach. UW has not yet officially announced the move.
Bostad was expected hire better question is who does UW hire to be LBs coach now
Bostad was expected hire better question is who does UW hire to be LBs coach now
Won’t be a hire. Will probably come from internal. Possible April splits his duties. Of note Orr is not technically on the staff more of an administrative role, so could be an option
Dort had a UW offer out of HS. Also attended Dwyer HS and was a nice “in” for BB and staff in Florida
Bostad makes a ton of sense for the OL job. April, with help, likely takes over all the LBs. Now, get a new coordinator that can add something in the passing game to create a more balanced and dynamic offense. Some new ideas are needed, and to Chryst's credit it seems like maybe he understands that. We'll see based on who's hired.

Bucky's really hitting the transfer portal pretty hard. They lost a fair number of guys and it's good to see they are adding some back via the same path.

They could stand to add a RB via the portal but not sure if there are any realistic options. Allen is obviously the alpha dog next year but they could use some depth. Not sure if Mellusi will be ready at the start of the season. Guerrendo might be able to help, but it seems like he's more of a tease than a consistent performer. Davis got some shots this year but I don't see anything special there. Maybe Acker can surprise us next year. If Mellusi can go, they'll be fine, if not they need one of those other guys to really take a step forward in a big way.