Backthepack 2020 oct mock


Posted this elsewhere but figured here to to get some talk brewing

little late start this year but I'll drop one each month just to get some names floating around. Never to early for a mock

Lewis. Retire
G mo
T Will. Retire
Crosby Retire

Bring back

This guy is playing the best of his career. Wow he has been great. Out best OL this year.

Get a deal done. I dont want to over pay but I want him here


Leonard Williams DL

Yep the d is playing good but lets make it a force. Williams hasnt been the top 10 pick but hes been good. Put him in our system and he will be great. Makes the DL deep and impactful.

Darron Waller TE

Idk if he get away from the raiders but would be a solid pick up. Hasnt done much in his career but hes flashing this year and at this point is an upgrade imo.


1. Dylan Moses ilb Bama

Yea more D. Here is our guy. Sideline to sideline tone setting stud athlete ilb. Sure tackling quick reading future 10 year starter. Complete player. Only reason hes here at 32 is he out with injury. Hes to good to pass up.


2. Albert O TE Mizz

He's all over the board but I think hes around til the bottom of the 2nd. Hes not gonna run like the last top prospects but hes a monster of a man and is well rounder. Waller gives him a year to really grow. The youth movement at te starts in 2020

3. Justin Jefferson Wr LSU

Man this WR class is something. Hell 5 to 8 could go in the 1st. That could push down a gem like Jefferson. I'm not writing off our wrs. I like to give guys til year 3 but we need an upgrade. Insert Jefferson. The do it all guy for LSU that no matter what a d does he makes plays. Hes silky smooth and will be a steal here

4. Liam Eichenberg. OT. ND

Built in the mold of bak. Not huge but a seasoned long lean athletic guy. Hes better in pass pro but a good fit to our system. Good backup depth right away. Leader.

5. Charles Snowden. LB. UVA

Here is my wildcard jack knive guy. He is a player that MP doesnt usually have but he could be that chess piece type. Dude needs to add like 25 lbs to his 6'7" frame but he has shown he can play the edge and in space. Fun guy to watch play. Just makes plays

6. Kylin Hill. RB. Miss St

J Williams clone. Maybe a little bigger but same style. Jard to bring down and is the hammer. Dex worries me. Give me a guy that can spell our guys.

6. Chase Lucas. CB. ASU

Plays all over the secondary. Gets his hands on the ball.


7. JuJu Hughes. S. Fresno

Smaller guy but hes not afraid to tackle. Can also cover the slot. Good short area quickness


7. Donnell Stanley. G/C. South car

Dude is huge. Dont let that fool you he can also move for his size. Prob a center in the NFL which he can be the 1st IOL of the bench.


Sewo Olonilua. RB TCU

Physical freak to good to not take a shot on. Weight room beast that transfers to the field. Also has the speed to break it. Drug charge off the field is his flag thst pushes him down. Take a shot and get him in camp. James Starks with more power and speed



His wife just had cancer. Hes made money. Hes not gonna get a huge raise as hes been paid well. Not that crazy to see him walk away


Just turned 35. He has strong family ties. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that he'll walk away at the end of this year, if a low ball salary is offered. He has nothing to prove, and if people want to point at his lower FG percentage as being a decline, fine. But, for damned sure, he hits nearly all of the big ones when the chips are down, and to me, that's the real deal.


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Look at the state of kickers in NFL everyone wants a good one. Crosby still has good 3-4 years left in him bring him back.