Backthepack Jan mock offseason


Well it was a good run and fun season. Hate how it ended but the Packers have a bright future imo. I don't think we are that far off. With a solid offseason we can beat anyone.

IDK if there will be any coaching changes but I could go either way with MP.

Players Gone

L Taylor
Jimmy G Its time to move on
J Jackson dude is not good
Bulaga. Hes a warrior and I want him here but prob his last payday, go get it
Marty. He was not good this year. I don't want to pay him
G Mo. need upgrade
Lewis retire
T Will had a great year but prob next man up time


Sullivan bright future
Lancaster role player
Ervin could be a nice piece in this O
J Valdheer cheaper then BB and an insurance guy.
BJ Goodson let him earn his spot


The pack have the Cap to make some moves. Should be able to upgrade some starters

Eric Wilson ILB

He had a good season with the Vikings and is on the rise. Go grab him and his best ball can be with us

Hunter Henry TE 4yr 36mil

Here is our splash grab. Yes the guy has been injured a ton and many packer fans don't want to hear that but this guy is a player. In a league of only a few elite TEs he can be in that group. Great route runner, and is a good blocker. He can be a difference maker and the TE we have been searching for for way to long.

Jordan Phillips DT

Ill keep adding this guy to each mock. the DL needs an overhaul outside of Clark. Enter Big Phil that can stuff the run and gets pressure every game. Dude is load. Him and Clark would dominate and lets guys like Lowry and Lancaster be more of role players

Demarcus Robinson WR

Hes buried on the chiefs depth chart and they have a tight cap. He shouldn't break the bank but is better then our options outside of Adams and Lazard.


1 TRADE our 1,5,7 for 2 and 3rd

Trade out of the 1st with a team wanting to get a qb and 5th year option In this I used SD to base the trade value off of.

2 Mikhi Becton RT Lou

Here our future at RT. This dude is a monster but don't let that fool you, he has good feet and can move. has a nasty streak

2 KJ Hamler WR PSU

Heres our big play slot type WR. This guy gets separation and does big things with the ball in his hands. Smooth twitchy wr this O needs.

3 Pat Queen LB LSU

Sideline to sideline ball of fury. The packers need to improve the middle of the D. Wilson and Queen are the guys for the job. In a weaker ILB draft I think this guy could be a future pro bowler. always playing downhill

3 Ross Blacklock DT TCU

Just a bully on the Line. reminds me a little of Daniels in his prime. Mean nasty high motor guy. Keep adding to the trenches. Give me a DL of big mean mother truckers

4 Amik Robertson CB La Tech

might have some of the best ball skills in the whole draft. Hes not big but hes not afraid to get dirty. really nice football player

6 Donnell Stanley OG USC

big bruiser of a guard. Moves pretty well.

6 Reggie Corbin RB Ill

quick big play rb that ML loves.

7 Akeem Davis-Gaither LB App ST

Needs to get bigger but hard nosed football player.

7 Jon Garvin OLB Miami

NFL body. The type of pass rusher MP loves. BIg Long and athletic. Needs to work on his tools but the talent is there.


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I don't think the Packers will go after Hunter Henry. I think they are going to give Sternberger every chance to start as you don't spend a 3rd on a guy not to expect him to start. I could see a cheap security option like Eric Ebron signed. Bulaga I would offer him something like 2 year 20 million he takes it great if not move on.


Nothing wrong with having 2 tes that can help. Henry's injury history could keep the price down. Higher risk with him but the reward is a stud te. After the kelce and kittles of the world Henry is in the next tier. Hes that good. Draft status should never hinder you if you have a shot at an upgrade.