Badgers best Hawkeyes in Big Ten basketball opener


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When the Iowa Hawkeyes and Wisconsin Badgers get together, expect craziness. It happened again on Friday night as the No. 22 Badgers eeked out a 72-66 victory over the No. 14 Hawkeyes in the Big Ten opener for both teams. The game featured 14 ties and seven lead changes, the last of which was in the favor of the Badgers as junior guard Brevin Pritzl hit a triple to put Wisconsin up 63-61 with just...


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Nice, gritty win. With a full roster and some individual improvement from some players this Badger team is a whole different animal this year. I don't think they are a challenger for the big-10 title nor are they a top-10 team, but they have the look of a team that should finish in the 15-25 range and make the tourney.

Trice is the difference this year - he's made a huge step up from last year and will be a candidate for most improved player in the conference. I'll pick on Happ just a bit - geez, they're just free throws. I just have never been able to wrap my head around guys like Happ who look so completely out of sorts at the free throw line. Badger Ryan Evans had the same problem some years ago.

Tough to see Anderson injure his knee. He's been battling some knee issues and some people have been speculating that the reason they burned the red-shirt on Strickland is because with Anderson's knee issues, Tai might need to give them some valuable minutes this season.


I enjoyed watching this game. Not because the Badgers won, but because I saw them play some solid defense at times, and seeing guys starting to round into shape.

I'm a little puzzled with Davison. I have no idea what's wrong there. It's not his defense, but his lack of offense. I wonder if he's having problems with that shoulder. Maybe scar tissue? Needs to work on his stroke? That said, they mentioned last night he's at 90% from the charity line this year, 82% last year. Sounds like he's done a lot of shooting. Maybe it's the jumper, getting the shoulder rotated up higher?

Good seeing Pritzl get his eye back. Trice is really rounding into a player. I liked Iverson's defense. He has become a worker out there, digging for every ball. I think Reuvers is still a work in progress, but I see him being a force inside 5 ft. He forces a lot of changed shots, and misses. Ford is going to be a solid member of the rotation. Kobe King shows flashes of real speed, and ups.