Boom or Bust Draft/ Overview/Notes


Thanks to Covid, this year's draft is going to be a wild and strange one.

The top seems set but even at the top opinions vary.

Usually when grading out players there is a body or work of at least 2 seasons, usually 3.

But this year so many players that declared only have one season to grade on.

Complicating the issue are players who got injured or dealt with injuries.

In a normal year players would be checked out at the combine and later at team facility. What's worse is those med update report just hit teams hands recently and was only available on about half of the numbers of players from what the number of players that would normally be checked out.

What this all means is a lot of drafting on Potential and a small volume of work to base on.

This Boom or Bust is especially true when it comes to Edge Rushers and D-Line players in this draft. There is no sure fire, can't miss player in this group and also why there is no Boss or Chase top rated player at top of the draft this year. By early reports, 2022 draft looks better at top for D-Line.

Medical is another roll of the dice on some players. Without individual team doctors able to give GMs a pass or fail on players that had or coming off injuries, this becomes even more so.

Btw a little history. There was a talented TE years ago with back concerns and bulging disks. Many team doctors failed him but one team took him and he will have a good HOF jacket one day...The player? Gronk.

So one never knows. But you don't draft a player with Med questions in rd 1.

With recent med reports it has changed my ratings on some players but I'm not a GM.
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