Bucks 90, 76ers 82: Milwaukee is playoff-bound


Giannis, the "Greek Freak!" He's an amazing player. I took the opportunity of watching him play against the Raptors in the first round game on Saturday. I was in awe at the raw talent, and mobility he had, at 6-11.

This kid may well become the best player in the NBA in two years. He does things that only big guys can do, than turns around and does something that only guards and small forwards can do. He's just plain scary for the opposition.

What amazed me most is how he scored freely, and when they shut him down with double, and sometimes triple teams, he dished off for mind boggling assists. Then, he'd head to the rim, and grab a rebound if there was a miss. He's a selfless player who understands the meaning of being part of a team.

They need to improve the talent around him, and create a team that can win the whole show, to let the NBA know that the league doesn't belong to the big cities, but to the franchises who work hardest to get there.

Now it's up to Kidd, and the front office, to convince high octane players that helping the Bucks win a championship, and getting a ring, is more important than their egos, or a little bit bigger paycheck somewhere else. I think Kidd is the kind of coach who can get guys to give that little bit extra, and make it happen.