Early Draft Thoughts and Mock


Agree TW.

What offensive system will new HC employ, what type of blocking scheme, will Pettine be retained, 3-4 or 4-3 would affect LB’s the most.
There’s a lot of moving parts in play that we have no idea where they will land.
Yes, it will change before the draft. It does every year. That doesn't mean we can't speculate, that is the fun in this. We share who we like, don't like. Watch some suggestions during the bowl season.
To not speculate and not express different opinions totally defeats the purpose of these forums.

I've always loved the draft because of the drama and intrigue. How much the rumor mill plays into it and how different franchises go about their business. I vote FOR speculation and opinion. Lots of our posters give great tips on guys you might never hear of. And, yes, it will all change at least a handful of times before the draft, so what?