Foul trouble does Badgers in against Huskers


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Wisconsin held an 8-7 lead with 14:42 to play in the first half. It would be the Badgers last lead of the game, as the host Huskers fought off the Badgers 63-59 to drop UW below .500 in Big Ten play. Nebraska was able to come away victorious despite allowing another double double from Ethan Happ (19 points, 11 rebounds) and making just two three-pointers on the night. Instead, Nebraska got to the...


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I've said it before, and will say it again. The Badgers are standing around on the floor. They're not moving on offense. If Bo Ryan saw how they're passing, he'd kick Gard in the rear, and tell him to get them to play, not watch the game.

It's almost as if Gard is telling these kids that the only one who is allowed to drive to the bucket is Davison. The rest? Stand on the perimeter and try to loop it in to Happ, or watch. It's getting frustrating.

Yes, fouls didn't help, and no matter what anyone thinks, it wasn't because they were aggressive on defense. It was because they were lethargic, and out of position to defend, most the time. They didn't box out on rebounds, and have to swipe at players driving the lane, because they're beat off the first step.

Turnovers... How Bo hated them. These guys love to make them for some reason.

Gard has to step it up. Maybe he should start to be a little more vocal with his players, and the officials as well. He's too mild in his reactions. Needs a little "fire" in him.

When you have one of the best big men in the country, like Happ, you have no excuse for being beaten up inside, because nobody is helping him.