Future DC Thread

i agree. every time someone complains that our defense doesn't know how to tackle, someone will invariably blame it on the cba. i think this is a reasonable opinion of why the nfl in general has gotten worse at tackling. but i see several other teams that tackle much better than we do. either their gms are a lot better at drafting guys that already have those skills (which is a strong possibility), or they have coaches that are much better at teaching those skills (also a strong possibility). my hunch is that it is a combination of both.
With all due respect this is an issue at every level of football right now. The CBA and NFLPA have 100% hindered whats going on in the NFL. But go watch some HS football, the tackling is awful.

They have worried so much about safety and this and that it's water the game down over time, as a result a lot less coaches are left that actually know how to teach these things.

As far as the packers go and I am being dead serious I truly believe it's lazy 95% of the time, they just have poor habits and just half ass effort. Just my opinion.
I can see Weaver getting promoted to DC with the Ravens maybe that's why GB did not ask to interview him as they don't want to waste their time. But if GB offers DC job to Dennard or Orr I can't see them pass it up to stay a postion coach.

I like what I am reading about Dennard. From what I have read, he would be my top candidate right now. JMHO.