Hot Stove League Talk: Crew Fans Off season Thread


Don't think will see Brewers very active this year in FA or trades. Maybe add a middle of rotation SP and a bullpen arm or two and a UT guy but nothing huge.


I agree minimal moves. But once spring rolls around I fear unrealistic expectations. Can Yelich, Cain and Agular repeat those numbers? If not who steps up? I think Woodruff and Burnes step into the rotation and make it the strength of the team


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Agree they won't be super active, but think a few limited moves will occur.

- probably an addition to the bullpen, since Woodruff and/or Burnes probably aren't there anymore.

- what's up at 2nd base. Shaw is likely back at 3rd. Do they go with Schoop and see if his poor play at the end of last season was just an abberation? Is Dubon the guy? Bring up Hiura? Bring up Erceg and Shaw is back at 2nd? Sign another 2nd baseman.

- are they happy with Pina and Kratz at catcher or do they think that is played out and a younger option needs to be added

- do they look for a starter if the market has value like it did for most of last off-season. Chacin to me is the only sure thing. Nelson is obviously a sure thing if he's back to 100%, or close. Anderson, Davis, Guerra, Woodruff, Burnes and Peralta are all "choices" and none are bad options. If you can add a decent starter though you might leave the overall staff in more solid condition. Might let you keep Burnes in the 'pen for another season.