Packers will pick 30th in 2020 NFL draft


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Will be interesting how the board falls. Does Gute make a move up to get a guy? If the Packers go after a WR they might be looking at the 5th or 6th WR on the board left. Will a LB be worth taking at 30? I think there could even be a good chance the Packers don't even make a pick on the 1st night as a team might call them and try to move up to secure a 5th year on a player and move up. Perhaps a team like the Chargers if they don't take a QB at 6 might try to move up to end of the 1st round if a QB is sitting there.

What is everyone else's thoughts on pick 30?


The downside to a great season for a team with a few big holes to fill - drafting 30th.

Of course, like every year, there will be talent at #30. Maybe it really doesn't matter, considering how poorly we've drafted when we have been higher - last year being a prime example.

The depth at WR might actually work against the position. Teams might skip on a WR in Rd1 if they believe there will still be some seriously good options available later.

Not really sure if there will be an ILB worth it at 30, though Murray might make sense there. I really would rather they just spend FA money on an ILB and let Martinez walk. Draft a rookie run stopper to take his place on early downs.

If a worthy QB is there, I'm not so sure I trade down. The thing is . . . who's that guy? I'm sure Burrow and Tua are gone in the top 5. Fromm and Herbert are good bets to be gone as well, partly because there are "/okay/good" teams possibly looking for a young QB in the middle/late part of Rd 1 like the Patriots and Saints. If Eason somehow gets to #30, I'm thinking I'd take him there and tell teams like the Chargers to forget about a trade down. Jordan Love would seem to be next in line though I'm not as high on him, even though he's got an NFL arm.

Hell, Eason and Love could also be gone by #30 with the number of teams that have older QBs and unsettled QB situations. In addition to the Pats and Saints, the Chargers, Colts, Panthers, Titans, Raiders, and maybe another team or two could be looking. The Bears and Steelers would be candidates as well, but they don't have a 1st round pick. I'm not saying 6 QBs will go in Rd 1 but weird stuff happens and lots of teams need QBs.