Post Combine Mock


Another attempt to get one posted. Like try to say before have done many of these. I don't expect this to be popular with many ppl, but I don't do them for likes. Rather try to do realistic ones based on a lot of factors. They say things go full circle and after some years off am back to that. Instead of athletes, this year watched a ton of players and games. So full circle is back to players on field, combine speed as a tool but ultimately going back to what saw on field and also should add, players with high football IQ which can overcome a split second of time differences running down a fast track. Have different qualifications for different positions and of course the intangibles. Far instance break away speed is great attribute for a RB to have, but if he doesn't have vision it don't mean a thing.

Just like everyone else out there have no clue what Gutey will do. But this mock is played straight w/o trades and based off base available player that also fits a need. Still believe BAP regardless is best, but that's not today's NFL.

Also have checked out more mocks then can count it seems to try to get a gauge or odds on favorite for what might happen. But this year that means nothing it seems as everyone is guessing. This draft reminds me very much of when Wolf ran them here. Overall I see more of Wolf then TT with Gutey.

Again as is case every year, would like to see extra picks in the second and 3rd rounds where the meat of the draft is. But having (2) 4ths isn't shabby and as we all know there are always in a round later or two that weren't suppose to be there.

Ok enough of the thoughts and on to the draft.......

Rd 1 Pick 12: Have fought with this one and played out a ton of scenarios. Would love to mock MLB White here, or DL. Even Dillard could be here who I like and some others don't. RB Jacobs have had here but his 40 time appears has pushed him down to late rd1 or early rd 2 have been reading, yet still my number 1 RB. Priority 1 is protecting an older Rodgers and also the run game looks to be first option which is also another reason for Jacobs here. However, when using draft theories and even if u don't like them and look at it investment wise, a RB average 5 yrs and an OL is 10 yrs, have to go this route. At this point in the draft it could be that Bosa, both Williams, White, Dillard,etc are off the board. BTW I also like DL Wilkins a lot and over a lot of higher ranked DLs. But it's a deep draft.

Pick 12 RT Cody Ford 6-4 329

Rd 1 pick 30: Probably most think I'm crazy and no way is this player. Well we have heard that before in many drafts before....Rodgers for one. So can't count this one out and already went over him above.

Pick 30 RB Josh Jacobs 5-11 220 ML wants a strong run game, wants another RB. This pick of Jacobs makes too much of sense. Now it could just be that maybe these two players are taken in reverse in the end as we know how crazy drafts can get lol

RD 2: Anthony Nelson 6-7 271 4.82 40 Here's the added punch to the DL and insurance policy if we part ways with Daniels next year.

Rd 3: Ok can hear ppl asking what about TE, what about Safety, QB and so on......well back to best available that fits need and high football IQ...

Rd 3 Pick: LBer Germaine Pratt 6-3 240 Now again it's a crap shoot as many have him as a second rd pick and wouldn't be upset If he was the second rd pick as the DL is deep class this year..... This guy reminds me of a Urlacher type.....that is he has played Safety, Lber etc. The guy is a player that can be a bigger Hybrid role for covering backs and TEs, something we currently haven't had.

Rd4: Safety Darrnell Savage 5-11 198 4.38 40 I really like this guy. Watched him play and another with IQ. His measurables are close to Collins. Again this might be a round too low.

Rd 4. Michael Deiter Here's ure swing guy. Though no true LT has played all OL positions. At worst could be PB G or C.

Rd 5: WR Jalen Hurd 6-5 225. A big WR with hands and size. Has higher talent then rd warrants but a deep year for WRs he's here. Would recommend ppl check out WRs on Draft Ace before condemning this selection ;)

Rd 6: QB Brett Ripken

Rd 6 TE Drew Sample Washington Here is your Jason Whitten type that can do it all. maybe have him too low not sure...

Rd 7 DL Demarcus Christmas....always a crapshoot in this area extra DL lol