Random Draft thoughts


Not a mock draft or a discussion of specific players, but just some random draft thoughts.

- I think it’s very possible we see another trade up in Rd 1 and or Rd2. They seem to have interest in players that won’t likely be there at 29 and 62. I suspect they once again trade up to get a targeted guy.

- As I said in another thread, I am paying little to no attention to players who don’t fit the "Wolf" high value positions for Rd1. It’s been 15 years since they took anything but DB (CB or S), DL, Edge, OT or QB in the first round. Could they break that trend this year . . . sure. Odds say they won’t. Safety isn't one of Wolf's high value spots but the game has changed and a safety who can cover is a bigger deal now.

- I’m not ruling out safety in Rd 1 or 2. More likely it’ll be later. There’s been lots of talk about someone to play the “star” position in Joe Barry’s defense. They very well could take a safety high with the idea that he fills that role, or takes over a more traditional safety role so that someone else could play a new role.

- They will double dip at 2-3 spots. They need cornerbacks in a bad way. I can’t imagine they won’t take at least 2 of them, or a CB and a S who can cover. Even though they took 3 o-line last year, they likely take 2 more. Linsley, Wagner and Taylor are gone. BakhT is injured to start the season and Turner could be in the last year of his deal depending on how the CAP goes. They need more o-line help. Also, given the realities of the contracts and players at wide receiver, I would not be surprised to see them hit that position twice as well.

- I don’t expect them to look too hard at ILB because they just don’t value it. They’ll probably add a guy in the middle to late rounds for more depth/options.

- I do expect a RB late in the draft. Likely a guy who’s versatile and maybe can return kicks and/or punts.

- Lots of fans and pundits say there isn’t room for 10 picks on the Packer’s roster. I say, have you looked at the depth on this roster. I can find 9 positions easily – RB, QB, OT, WR, CB, IDL, ER, S and ILB could all use one more guy and a couple of them could use 2 additions.