Reading the tea leaves: Our good friend Charley


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It is mid April, the draft two weeks away. Close to journey's end, you have stumbled here, to the Temple of Apollo, where yours truly has inhaled the noxious, delirium inducing vapors emanating from years of mock drafts, and I am ready to engage in some oracle making.

But where to look for direction? Anyone who came along with Ted Thomson is puckered up tight enough to make diamonds in double time, but what about further up the chain? I'm referring, of course, to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Mark Murphy and his good friend Charley Casserly.

Starting with 2018 when Murphy reorganized the structure, I think one can glean some insight into GB's thinking at the top of the draft based on Casserly's mocks.

In 2018, he had GB taking Mike Hughes at 14. GB didn't take Hughes, but they did take both Alexander and Josh Jackson. He knew GB was looking at corners.

Move to 2019. In one mock Charlie had Rashan Gary going No. 4 to the Raiders, GB taking OG Cody Ford at 12 and Safety Taylor Rapp at 30. In a later mock he had GB taking Jonah Williams at 12 and Hollywood Brown at 30. As it turned out, Jonah went one pick ahead of GB, the Packers took Gary at 12 and moved up for Darnell Savage, another S. GB went on to take OG Elgton Jenkins in the 2nd round. This suggests to me that he knew GB had S and OG on the brain, and that wherever he was tuning in had a high opinion of Gary.

Finally 2020, Charlie did NOT have GB taking Jordan Love, and certainly didn't have them trading up to get him. However, he DID mock Brandon Aiyuk to GB, and we know from after the draft that Aiyuk was Gute's target when SF traded up to get him. A third time, Charley seems to be tuned in to what GB was thinking.

So, what's Charley saying in 2021? Two mocks in a row, he has had GB taking ILB Zaven Collins. Could this be the year GB addresses ILB? Based on previous history, Charley just may be showing the way.

That's it, dear reader! Nothing more from me. The Greeks inscribed the phrase "surety brings ruin" at the site of the oracle, but in today's age of draft media, surety seems to bring fame! The choice is yours.