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Alrighty here you go. Cheesedog's "I really don't give a podo(podo(podo(podo( what YOUR board says" Mock draft!! Keep in mind my view is that this is a multi year rebuild. So not all needs are addressed .. I also didn't put round numbers in there just pick numbers because "round" is an over rated and not very useful metric.

So without further ado...

pick 1 (12) : Jawaan Taylor OT - Florida
a flurry of trades in the top 10 has teams freaked out and there is a run on QBs and Defense, and that slides Taylor to a ridiculously fortunate Packers team. Bahk has played through injury and won't last forever. Taylor can start at RT until Bahk needs to be replaced. This also allows GB to get rid of guys who shouldn't be on the team. No more "good enough" for an OL who has recently lacked talent of even top tier college teams.

pick 2 (30): Josh Jacobs RB - Alabama
the same flurry of panic that drops Taylor into GBs lap also drops Josh Jacobs to #30. What has GB really lacked for years? A real running back. Time to end that long line of cheap RB's who really can't handle the job but they look good every once in a while. Time to finally get back to basics, and Jacobs now gives the offense a whole new dimension for LaFluer to build on.

pick 3 (44): Juan Thornhill S - Virginia
Another position of need that fits the value for the pick. S has been awful, and no, moving Williams and his walker to safety because he can't play CB anymore isn't the answer. Time to address the position with a young guy who is all piss and vinegar..

pick 4 (75): Emmanuel Hall WR - Missou
Wait, another WR? After last year? Yes.. Because lets be honest, none of the WR from last year stood up and grabbed the #2 or 3 spot. And really none of them gave us anything but glimpses of what they could, maybe, in a year or two, might be good. GMO is too inconsistent. So bring in more competition. He's speedy, and needs some work. But that's okay with pick 75.

pick 5 (114): Clayton Thorson QB - Nothwestern
I'm with Mark on this one. This kid has everything you want for a developmental QB. Great pick in round 4. Sit him 3 years and you have Arods replacement. Because lets be honest Arod isn't playing like Brady into his 40's. And he's not getting another contract from GB after the one he just signed.

pick 6 (118): Josh Oliver TE - San Jose State
Kid has potential for both catching and blocking. He's athletic. Since GB decided to keep the TE old guys club around he can learn from them.

pick 7 (150) Sheldricke Redwine S - Miami
Another S? Yup.. This kid can be a ST contributor and backup with longer term starter potential. As long as you don't expect him to start, and I mean come on it's pick #150 if you're expecting an immediate starter from this round I have some ocean front property in ARI to sell you. Cheap.. Like I said, as long as he can be a backup/rotational guy and learn he's got potential.

pick 8 (185) Zach Gentry TE - Michigan
Here's a 6'7" backup TE who can give you some production and provides a really tall target for the red zone. And with pick 185 worth the flyer to see what he can do.

pick 9 (194) Tyler Jones OL - NC State
Athletic and big (300lbs) Nice developmental prospect that could make the move inside and help GB at G after some work as a backup. Because GB OL can use all the help it can get now and years down the road.

pick 10 (226) Tre Watson LB - Maryland
Backup/ST kind of player, heck it is pick 226, who could be a rotational player eventually. Pretty solid tackler inside.

There you go... Not traditional, doesn't exactly follow the "experts" board. But who cares.. shots)shots)
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