Why trading for Antonio Brown makes sense for Packers



Antonio Brown has officially requested a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. There will be a number of teams that will go after him, but there are only a few teams that make sense to land him.
And while it might be somewhat of a longshot for the Green Bay Packers to trade for Brown, it makes a ton of sense to go after All-Pro receiver.
Let's go back to 2017. The Pittsburgh Steelers receiver sat down with Jacob Feldman of Sports Illustrated and Feldman asked Brown who is his favorite QB to watch during a bye week.
"Aaron Rodgers," Brown said. "I love the way he scrambles and how he plays the game—he always makes great decisions with the ball."
So Brown is a fan of Rodgers and the Packers are in need of a receiver who can complement Davante Adams who recorded 111 receptions, 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns this past season. Speaking of Adams, the Packers star receiver lobbied for Brown to win MVP in 2017. Brown had a very productive season, registering 101 receptions for 1,533 yards and nine touchdowns. His receiving yards led the NFL and he also recorded 109.5 yards per game which led the league.

Ultimately, the reason the Packers should make a trade for Brown is the coaching staff and front office. With Matt LaFleur entering his first season as the head coach and Brian Gutekunst entering his second season as general manager, the pressure is on both of them to get the Packers back on track as they have won only 13 games the last two seasons. Brown doesn't guarantee the Packers a trip to the Super Bowl, but it will give the offense a much-needed spark after being inconsistent the last two years.
Brown has had his issues with the Steelers, but he has been one of the top wide receivers in the NFL for the last six seasons. He has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times, he's been selected to the All-Pro First Team four times and he's led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards twice. In 2018, Brown finished the year with 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns which led the NFL.
Recently, NFL.com analyst Bucky Brooks named five teams that should trade for Brown and the Packers made the cut. Here's a look at what Brooks had to say about the Packers and Brown:

"The Packers have been at their best in the Aaron Rodgers era when they've had multiple pass catchers capable of filling the No. 1 role. Davante Adams is certainly an elite-level talent, but adding Brown would give the Packers the most explosive 1-2 punch in the league. That said, Brown would need to get along with Rodgers and embrace the values of an old-school football community. If the Packers can get the mercurial pass catcher to agree to those terms, they certainly have enough ammunition (two 2019 first-round picks) and cap space to acquire the perennial Pro Bowler."
It's understandable if the Packers don't consider trading for Brown. However, Aaron Rodgers having Brown and Adams to throw to as well as Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams in the backfield will make his life a lot easier which only means good things for Green Bay.

I would be all over this!
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I don't him ending up a Packer either. I think they have other areas that need to be addressed. Help on the offensive line for openers. But, with a new group running the show, who really knows what they heck they'll do?


Brown is a malcontent diva. Former teammates say once he got paid he got full of himself. A lot of people say oh you sit him down and tell him this is the way it's done in GB and he has to get on board. Well they had the same style in Pitt and he was all in it for himself and that won't change by trading him to any other team he will always be in it for himself and the team second. Also you sign him you have him and Adams making like 30 million combined. I would rather go and sign a couple nice defensive players in place of taking on Brown's contract. Also what happens if Rodgers would go to Adams more passing? Brown did not like it last year when Ju-Ju got more passes his way. Brown has also hinted he wants to go to a west coast team aka the 49ers. He wants to be the big dog on the team and that would make it happen on the 49ers. Also Brown seems the type in another 1-2 years he will be asking for a pay raise as his salary is not high as a lot of his money came thru SB so I can see him whine saying he's only getting 10-12 million a year. Brown does not change this team into a contender. All it does is take a big risk of him hurting the locker room chemistry so I hard pass on Brown.


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I'd say no to Brown. It doesn't make sense from a need perspective right now. It'd be different if you thought this team was one WR away from a Super Bowl. Then I'd consider taking the gamble. He's a cancer in some ways, not unlike Andre Rison, but if you can get him to buy in for a year, go ahead and roll the dice to win now.

The other side to this is that Brown is pricey but not crazy expensive for the team that trades for him. If you are cutting as much CAP as the Packers are likely to cut in the next couple of years, affording him might not be a problem. (Counting Cobb and CM3, you will likely be taking $70-80mil off the CAP by mid-March 2020.) It's not like you have a half dozen high priced young guys you need to re-sign in the next 2-3 years. Chances are good he won't cost you much in a trade. He's certainly an upgrade over what you've got after Adams. It doesn't totally undermine the young guys since you are likely not bringing back Cobb or Davis so you still have plenty of snaps with 3 and 4 WR packages. Plus, I'm still not sure what we have in those young guys. Are they future starters and stars or "just guys".

The biggest question is if you think he's capable of co-existing with Adams and the team as a whole for the entire 3 years left on his deal to make a trade worth it. That's where I figure things would probably break down and he becomes a bigger PITA than he's worth.


From a skill/need perspective this does make sense. Other than Adams the Packers WR are really nothing more than back ups. Sure they flashed a little but they arent scaring anyone. Brown and Adams would be a sick combo.

His contract is also reasonable. But therein lies part of the issues IMO. Brown signed a contract took a dumpload of money up front and now is whining cause his yearly isn't huge.

However biggest reason is he's a headcase. He's mentally unstable. What he's doing doesn't make sense in any rational way. Monster talent but not the guy I give to a first time HC. Brown also wants to be the head diva. Arod already has that spot wrapped up so that's an issue. JuJu is getting more attention which is taking attention away from Brown..

He just isn't the type I'd want on a team in rebuild/retooling.