With Their first pick GB selects Jordan Love QB Utah State

Not at all. Far from it. Just trying to pump the brakes a little and enjoy the here and now and stay even keeled and let the kid develop how he's gonna develop. I'm just as excited as everyone else about this young man's future.
I am just kidding with you on the prick part because is that not your thing you joke about?
I agree next year will be a huge year. While not like who we predicted early in this thread with the doom and gloom It remains to be seen now teams have a full year of tape on Love and can game plan on him how well he does his 2nd year as a starter. Lots of players have struggled in a 2nd year. Hopefully Love won't be that guy and we can all say from this thread we were crazy to judge him so soon and he turns into the 3rd straight MVP QB for GB.
I agree with both of you. I am also not ripping on Love by any stretch and I am enjoying the ride; however, the one thing that worries me a little is him throwing when is feet are not set and jumping in the air. Now some would say, what do you mean, he is making those throws outside of the play design and that is what good QB's do. That is true; however, I feel some of his throws have been a little lucky and floated in there. They were lucky to not be intercepted at times. With this SF defense coming up, I could see if he makes those throws again there being a different ending and not a good one.

Having said that, I could be completely wrong and Love plays great and next year is even better. sh)) Maybe I just can't believe we may have found another franchise QB three times in a row. thumbsup

I will try to be positive. cheesehead)
I agree to an extent about the footwork but I think he's actually done a better job the past 3 weeks of not doing that stuff without good reason. Put in another way, when he can set his feet and drive it, I think he's done a much better job of doing that. Those deep sideline outs for example, I think he's really turning, pointing the toes and stepping into them. The back leaning stuff, the crow hops, he's doing that to avoid rush, to get his arm angle right to avoid a defender or get the ball to a certain place at a certain angle. Bottom line, if he continues to be productive, make good decisions and otherwise protect the ball, they're just going to have to let some of the footwork go. He's never going to be Brady with that, it's not him, I hope they continue to stress it with him (and as long as he's with LaFleur they will) but eventually you just say it's the cost of doing business.