College Football Top 17 and Bottom Four

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Sorry for the delay, busy work week. But it's ok! No contributions were made (even with the extra two days) so again, this poll reflects nothing but my opinions and research and arbitrary rules that I make up as I go along.

Speaking of arbitrary rules, I have a standing one that says teams on a bye week don't get moved up or down, and I think I held pretty steady on that. So tough luck for everyone who didn't want to see Bucky at #1! Here is the link to last week's poll, and each team's previous ranking is in parenthesis.

On with the show!
  1. Wisconsin—I don’t move inactive teams (1)

  2. Clemson—Thus far a more impressive resume, but Alabama is coming up fast (2)

  3. Alabama—There’s the team we know. It may have been “Just Vanderbilt” but the Commodores were 3-0 and had beaten KState the week prior. Also the game was a road conference win for Bama. (4)

  4. Oklahoma—“Sooner Magic” is some stupid bull$h!+, but there really isn’t anybody else who I could consider for the top 4 right now. The committee is going to do whatever they can to make sure Bama and Clemson don’t meet in the first round. (3)

  5. Washington—The Huskies went on the road and dominated Colorado. They were the only top team outside of #2 and #3 to not face some serious struggles. (9)

  6. Penn State—rose a spot but not on their own, though maybe Iowa is as tough as they looked. We’ll have a better idea after tomorrow’s visit to East Lansing. Meanwhile, PSU welcomes Indiana for a completely different kind of football game. (7)

  7. Georgia—A dominating showing at home, though you have to be wary of the Dogs this early in the season. They almost always disappoint down the stretch. Could this year be different?!? (12)

  8. USC—I am still up on the Trojans even after struggling to put away Cal on the road. They head north to Wash State next week. (6)

  9. TCU—Hats off to you frogs, congrats on your first win in Stillwater since, what was it, 1999? Granted I don’t think you’ve gone there since then. These are the kinds of wins that’ll keep Gary Patterson there for as long as he wants. Next up is West Virginia (14)

  10. Ohio State—walloped UNLV, but the focus in Columbus has to be making it to that 3rd week of October without injury, and then getting the week off before hosting Penn State. (10)

  11. Oklahoma State—ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Poke Choke”. Heading down to Lubbock for a shootout with the Red Raiders should help you get over that. (5)

  12. Michigan—really? Purdue? They aren't as bottom-feedingly terrible this year, but you guys are supposed to be good. I heard that some rando accidentally walked into the visitor's locker room. (11)

  13. Virginia Tech—I’m not really sure what to think of these guys. They have a shot at Clemson tomorrow, and that will tell us what we need to know. (13)

  14. Washington State—a huge blowout win, but other than a close one over Boise St, they’ve yet to be tested. That changes tomorrow. (15)

  15. San Diego State—A catastrophe averted against Air Force, SDSU has a sneaky good schedule and a change to build an impressive resume. They’ve got a bunch of upcoming games against familiar Badger non-conference foes, starting with NIU tomorrow. (16)

  16. Mississippi State—this is probably a little far to fall, but man did they get trounced. Things don’t get easier for them, as they travel to Auburn to face a Tiger team that will be included in this poll with a win tomorrow. (8)

  17. Notre Dame—a one-point loss earlier to the #7 team is nothing to sneeze at. I dislike how difficult it is to get to their schedule online. (Un)
Next in line : Auburn, Duke, Utah, Miami (FL)
Newcomers: Notre Dame

The Bottom Four
127. Florida State--this is the only way you can make my poll without having any wins. That said, I more want to congratulate former Badger asst. coach Dave Doeren, head coach of NC State, and the Wolfpack for their first signature win together. Now don't drop the ball vs Syracuse. (last: Un)
128. Kansas--this is a familiar spot for you, but you're here this time because to look you up I had to type "University of Kansas Jayhawks football schedule" into Google before I found what I needed. That is how much you suck. I got to Kansas State and the Kansas City Chiefs before sniffing you guys. (last: Un)
129. Bowling Green--those losses to FCS schools don't look very good fellas.
130. Baylor (and Louisville basketball)--it's a tie for just the worst thing in college sports.

Climbed out of the Pit: Nebraska (playing Rutgers will do that for you, but look better next time)
Welcome to Hel: Florida State, Kansas, Bowling Green

There it is folks. There is a good weekend of college football coming up, starting in about 30 minutes! I accept any and all suggestions in poll form by 9pm Wednesdays (even if it's just your #1 team). You can email, text, or send by messenger pigeon.


I like these weekly poll/rants. Informative, and funny.