Post Game: Falcons Defeat Green Bay 34-23

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Mark87

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    Not as close as the score showed. We lost 5 or 6 guys to injury on top of those who did not play. Nothing impressive from the pack tonight at all.
  2. Budman

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    It's hard to comment because whatever is said, injuries will Trump it. This is a team that handed your ass to you in the NFCCG. They are the benchmark to get back to the title. Yet, you lay an egg. Again, its only the 2nd game and it was only an 11 point loss this time. Barring injuries, who knows. Oh, throw in, if it was played in Lambeau, and the outcome could be different.
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  3. Go Pack 85

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    Atlanta overall has way to much speed and talent for our pedestrian defense, but it's exasperated even further playing in a dome.

    If the Packers were to face the Falacons in the playoffs, the only chance they'd have is for the game to be played in the cold and slower track in Lambeau. In their dome, our defense looks like that lone white guy from some Eastern block country who ends up in the 100 or 200 meter dash and has the other nine runners just blowing right past him.

    At least King showed something and hopefully Rollins and Randall are reduced to 4th-5th corner roles. Hell, try Hawkins, he can't be worse than Rollins who can't cover or tackle.
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  4. Cheesedog

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    It sounds like the same Pack team we see every year from MM/TT... Just some different names this year.

    MM's penalty is very telling.... One penalty does not cost you a game. But acting like it does is days something.

    The good news is that GBs schedule is very favorable. Arod should be able to win enough games on his own to get them into the playoffs. They should be 3-1 one heading into DAL who doesn't look all that great.
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  5. CaptainD

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    WAY too many big plays surrendered and stupid mistakes. They have no idea how to defend that offensive pass scheme.
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  6. Budman

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    The best thing about last night is that it's only the second game of the season. Lots of injuries but they never quit. Schedule does seem favorable but the injuries may test the depth.
  7. eyecatcher

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    I have no problem with MM go after the refs. It was a horrible call that negated a big play. Whatever benefit the refs gave them last week was taken right back last night. I guess it all evens out at some point.

    Refs and MM are not the reason they lost the game. There were far to many dropped passes and missed tackles that allowed offensive drives to fail and defensive stands to continue.
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  8. 44blitz

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    A few interesting thoughts from last night. First keep in mind that was not the same offense as we saw last year. That was Steve Sarkisian version and it proved just as lethal at times.

    Defensively Atlanta took the Seattle film and adjusted really well. They stunted the DT and or DL several times and both Rodgers and Linsley failed to adjust until the late 3rd. Where the heck was our staff on that ? Also our WR still can't get off press and physical DB play worth a crap. Once we get frustrated on offense it's over and that's on the staff fully.

    Our defense had their head up their ass in coverage all night, Capers had some interesting looks but no one executed worth spit. To be blunt the team wasn't ready to play and once again carries it's self cocky off a win.

    Last note Aaron Rodgers has got to stop bitching and moaning under his breath. Awful body language that did not a thing to motivate his team. He's the leader and he is failing to rally his team when it matters most.

    Team loss. Burn the damn video and move on.
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  9. Half Empty

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    Couldn't watch last night, and the above should save me the time of reviewing the tape. However, in a quick post game review of forums last night, in addition to the universal condemnation of the CBs, Bennett was mentioned as not being able or willing, and nobody mentioned Daniels either way. Any thoughts there?

    Note - just read on that Daniels went out early, so no need to talk about him. However, with so much 'how will any defense contend with all those ARod weapons?' talk on many sites, another year of lousy TE play would be hard to swallow.
  10. TW

    TW Moderator

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    Bennett needs to catch the ball. He's had a history of not dropping the ball. Less than 3%.

    Here's an interesting analysis of pass receivers coming into this year. It will give you an idea how good some of these guys really are, or aren't, when it comes to controlling the ball.

    Daniiels left with an injury. Played well until that point. We had no push up the gut without him.

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