2023-24 Packers Season Prediction Thread


Carpe Diem
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Ladies and Gents,

It's that time of year again. Place your annual best guess on this year's Packers team record. Your guess is locked in the Saturday before we kick off and I'll lock the thread until after the last game to keep it honest. Her we go....

As is the case each year I'll go first. New QB and the team have a new feel to it, however, Mark is also a realist and these kinds of years can be up and down, but I think we win a couple of games we probably shouldn't. 10-7 and we drop our playoff game. *Note this prediction goes to 7-10 if Love gets hurt and misses extended time.

OK folks, hit me with your predictions.
7-10. I've felt this for some time, and nothing they've done in preseason to this point has made them look better or worse. I think that could go down to 5 or 6, maybe less wins, if Love gets injured. I think the ceiling for this team would be 8, if they play well.

I settle at 7 wins, and at best, a tie for 3rd in division.
I don't trust Barry and this defense.
Love and the O will take time to gel.
We start to see improvement offensively at the end of the season. Defense ends up being 15-18th ranked. Barry is fired at the end of the year.

I don't trust Barry either. But this is not a 5-12 roster. my hope is 10-7, but I don't think we do worse than 8-9.