2023-24 Packers Season Prediction Thread

I will go with 9-8 but like Mark if Love gets hurt then it's out the window. I think injuries as a whole play a big part in how this team evolves. The depth isn't as good as it looks in preseason.
If Love gets hurt and it's very early in the season Packers will end up picking top 5 as either Clifford or any vet you can sign at this point will not lead this team to more then 5 wins.
I say 8-9 tops. They’ll win a few they shouldn’t but will lose some they shouldn’t as well. Love does well. But he can’t make up for Barry’s horrid defense..

First Alf of season looks promising but then def goes full meltdown …..
Range of 6-11 to 9-8 IMO. Lot of youth on O to be excited about but it's youth, inexperienced, and pre-season storylines go out the window when the real games start. Lack of depth and experience at TE and WR will show up at some point.

All that said I think they'll do OK on offense. I don't think Barry knows how to coordinate this defense. I don't think he knows what to do. As soon as I heard him and Jerry Montgomery start talking about "run defense is a mindset" I knew this would be another long year on D. They don't get it, whole group has to go, it's been a paper mache, mickey mouse job with the D coaching staff since Pettine.