Official 2020 Week 3 Green Bay vs New Orleans Thread


Interesting game. Glad I was wrong on this one. I thought the Saints would edge them out. I couldn't believe the disparaging difference in noise level allowed during the game between when the Saints and Packers had the ball. It's a good thing the Packers spent a lot of time working on silent counts during the week, to insure they'd stay onside with snaps. Impressive.

I liked the play of some of these guys we hadn't seen out there before for any extensive period of time. Particularly Summers and Barnes, who stepped up quite well in my opinion. Both seemed to play fairly smart, and work hard to stop Kamala on a couple of plays that we'd normally see him shed tacklers. Barnes a FA pick up to the practice squad I believe? He earned his spurs. Summers showed a lot of poise. He's already produced as much if not more on the field than he did last year, his rookie year. He might be a lot better than some of us thought, including me. We could use these to stepping up

The Smiths were bottled up by the scheme that NO used. They figured those two to be the heart and soul of our defense during the game. Their presence was enough to open up the field for others to make plays. Loved watching Keke on the bull rush. When he asserts himself, the guy is a freaking bull! I think he smells raw meat now. He has a chance to grow. We need that.

Rodgers? Hell! I thought he was this good. I never prescribed to him being on the downhill slide. He may not run like a deer, and the rumors that he can't throw deep are pretty much put in the rear view mirror. Knowing when to gun it, and when to feather it over the top of defenders is something that not a lot of QBs can master - doing both. He has, and last night, he used both types of passes to pick the NO defense apart. We did not need to draft Love. We needed to add a WR and a front 7 guy on defense. That should have been a priority.

Our receivers? Rodgers spread the ball around. Good job by ML in game planning and play calling. I thought it was the best called game I've seen since he came to GB. He used the run effectively, and has turned the RBs into receivers as well, forcing defenses to play everyone at the line of scrimmage instead of selected players only.

At this point, I'd say that Rodgers and ML are totally on the same page as to how a game should be called and played. It was even mentioned by the announcers that in the huddle, Rodgers has at least two options on every play called from the sideline, and sometimes even more, so he can fit the play to what he sees across from them. McCarthy always restricted the plays simply by having too many "packages of players" that fit specific molds. It severely limited Rodgers play calling. It was a case of McCarthy wanting to control what happened on the field, and that's never a good idea from an offensive coaching point of view, if you have a QB who can fulfill the promise of choosing the right options. If you have a guy who needs to be micromanaged, that's different, but Rodgers? Why would you do that?

Rating the QBs in the NFC? No way you could say that Russell Wilson wasn't the best. After that, I think Rodgers is giving the best of them a run for their money. If he continues in the direction he is, and if Wilson falters, Aaron could be look at a possible run for another MVP award. He's actually playing that damned good. He's playing within the system, and has found the groove.

Does that mean they win all 16? Not a chance. Expect a few glitches, but at the end of the year, barring any unforseen injuries like what could happen to Rodgers, the Packers could be in the thick of the playoffs.

Just my opinion.


Things I liked:
  • Aaron Rodgers. He’s playing relaxed and the game seems fun again
  • OL. playing solid and keeping 12 upright. Run game is sufficient. Also minimal yellow flags
  • Lazard. Is he a #2? Maybe but it’s 3 games in. DC’s will adjust, can he
Things I did not like
  • Interior defense. I should just cut and paste this bullet point since I don’t see that changing
  • TE play was ok but we need more production
  • Other than 23 this team cannot wrap up and stop people at the point of attack
  • 2 sacks won’t cut it
  • No such thing as home field advantage anymore
  • Stay healthy because depth or lack of could haunt this team at some point
  • We are 3-0



Pack probably gonna hang another 40 burger on them



wow. that was a real barn-burner. when we turned over the ball on downs in the 4th qtr, i thought we were cooked. what a time for z to make his biggest play of the game. and then when it took us 6 or 7 tries to get in the end zone from inside the 5, i was ready to throw my shoe at the tv. in the end it was a good thing because it took more time off the clock.

we truly did get the benefit of several "questionable" calls by the refs. saints fans have a right to feel cheated.

i think lazard is a legit #2. what a nice backstory too. i don't how many people watched that video of rodgers all the way through, but he talked about how lazard has reasons to play with a chip on his shoulder. it was clear that he feels a connection with lazard, and that showed big-time in this game.

the saints did a pretty good job of keeping aaron jones in check. so it was great to see rodgers spread the ball around and have another great game. he really does seem to be more at peace and having fun.

jk scott only had to punt once, which is a good thing because that one punt was crap (24 net yards). rodgers could have thrown it a lot farther.

i thought that the tight ends were very productive for a change - a combined 10 targets, 9 receptions, 104 yards and 2 touchdowns. tonyan had a big day, and sternberger finally showed up on the stat line.

the packers have scored more points than any other team. of course there is still a game tonight that could change that, but the ravens would have to score 52 points to take the lead (the chiefs would have to score 65).

our defense is a nightmare without clark. kamara almost single-handedly destroyed us. not so much in the rushing game as in the passing game. that 52-yard td catch and run made our guys look like the keystone cops. not that clark would have been a factor on that play since it was all on the outside. the saints seem to have a really good o-line, but i think we just have a really bad d-line.

we are 3-0, which is great. gopackgo
but then again the bears are 3-0 too. chicago sux