Post Game Packers fall 24-21 to San Fran

i guess, we will agree to disagree. not one person in that twitter thread - including 49ers fans - thought he was outside the tackle box.
I don't care what the average fan thinks. They don't even know what the rule reads, or how it's applied. Read this and then review what you saw, and how there was large splits in the offensive line. If the tackle was playing by the left sideline, would you still be saying he couldn't throw it when he was outside the hash mark?

Officials use the hash mark as reference on most of these calls. Since he was clearly well outside those hash marks, they would say he was outside the tackle box.

Read this:

The Tackle Box is an area between the outside edges of the normal tackle positions extending from three yards beyond the line of scrimmage to the offensive team's end line. After the ball leaves the tackle box, this area no longer exists

That should clarify it.

I'm out of this conversation. Sorry!
#71 was split farther to the left than his "normal position," which is right next to the guard. The outside of the tackle box is the position of essentially his "left shoulder" if he was aligned close to the guard. Since he wasn't, the tackle box doesn't move outside with him, it stays where it normally would be, had he played tight. I'd imagine, that just like a forward pass, where it would only be a violation if you were "totally" inside the box, and if you have one foot out, you're okay.

If it would have been called the opposite way, rest assured it would have been reversed.
The tackle box is outside should to outside should of the tackles.....where they are lined up on that particular play, not where they lined up any other time. Line up 71 to his position with the logo, then look again when he throws the bacll. He is easily inside the tackle box at that point. The throw needs to be from outside the tackle box and back to the line of scrimmage, or have a receiver in the area. There was no receiver anywhere close and he was inside the tackle box...should of been called.