Post-Game Thread: Packers Defeat Bears and clinch Playoff Spot

Refs said this was a 1st down in game. Every ref in NFL needs to be fired and made to reapply for their job.

Look at the yard marker. The camera is at an angle to it, meaning that the angle related to the ball and pole is skewed. If the coaches believed it was evident it was short, they would have challenged it, and the run and the mark itself.
Yup, I had them at 8-9 and out of the playoffs. This season has been a double win. First win is obvious in them having a winning season and making the playoffs. The second win is Jordan Love and the WR group looking like as good a group as they've had in more than a decade.
and the third win is that we again swept the Bears!
GB missed a FG, blew the end of the 1st half and lost the turnover battle. AAAAAAND still beat the sorry Bears for the 10th straight time!

GB is one of the youngest teams in NFL history to make the playoffs.

Jordan Love. Jesus ... How does GB keep finding these guys? If I'm a Bear, Viking or Lion fan I'm ticked off. We are so blessed as football fans.

This young group of WRs/TEs is incredible. Can you imagine how good this group will be next year and beyond?

Aaron Jones is the difference maker on offense. You sign him going forward and draft a young cat as the #2 in April.

How about that defense? Yea FJB is gonna get sent packing but our young defense is playing well the past few weeks.

Lastly, I'm giving it up for Gutey. He had the vision and huge balls to draft Love when many others wouldn't have. Last year's draft has to be one of the best GB has ever had. Now he has a young team full of thundercats just waiting to grow and a ton of ammunition heading into the 2024 draft. The future is bright ladies and gentlemen... Let's GOOOO!!!