Post-Game Thread: Packers Defeat Bears and clinch Playoff Spot

This ride has been driven by Gute’s last draft and subsequent off season. Reed, Wicks, Melton, Kraft played huge roles on O, Karl Brooks with with sacks in D. What a class.
I shouldn't be amazed but I am. They always seem to find quality UDFA and really bring them along. I never thought Melton would do so well. He so reminds me of Driver. Having his # doesn't hurt either.
everyone else has already covered what i was going to say, so i'll just say it was an exciting game, worthy of one of the nfl's greatest rivalries.

oh yeah, and the packers still own the bears.
All's well that ends well.

But, no more excitement - Let's put the final 4 games away.

As frustratingly horrible as I perceive our defense - apparently in contradiction to the stats - I have zero faith in our Defense getting the closing stop, I didn't want the Bears to get another chance.
We're playing with house money at this point IMO

I went into this season with zero expectations other than to see some improvement over the course of the season from love and some of the other young guys.

in no way was I expecting a playoff team and an MVP caliber QB, with a ton of young exciting rookie playmakers.

Who knows if we can win next week, but this season has already been an incredible success in my book.
It’s funny but i genuinely feel sorry for people who consume football this way.
I feel even sorry for the fans who you see video taped who after a loss go ape podo( throwing and breaking stuff burning their jerseys. Do I get upset if they lose? Yes but I don't go insane like some fans do. It's a game no reason to go postal.