Post game Thread : Rams Defeat Green Bay 29-27


Inspired performance by DEF. Offense was kind of hot/cold.

But give credit, they went up against the best team in the NFL right now and played respectably. VS is going to be a fine #2/3.. Still a glaring need at TE and OL.

Nice to see the DL have a solid game for once.

Big question is how they recover. MM's teams have never been known for their mental toughness. Have to wonder if this loss affects them for several weeks. Especially having to go up against Brady next week.

Zook should be flogged. Offense was moving well, a FG wins it, Crosby is back, no way Monty should be running that return. Take a knee


“I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.”
1) Don’t catch a punt inside the 10
2) Don’t hold or block in the back on a return
3) Don’t bring it out of the end zone

Zook gets paid how much to have those 3 things be about 50% of his job, and he can’t even do that right?



Alexander: They tried to single him out but he was solid all day.

Clark: Having a pro bowl year

Defense as a whole: Regardless of the final points allowed they played really well as a unit

Adams: God I'm happy he's on our team


TOs wasted: I'd say they need to clean this up but at this point its expected

Montgomery turning into a moron: Yeah that's pretty much it

2nd quarter offense: Gifted the deciding points and simply couldn't do much of anything

Scott: But he's such a weapon (hes actually had a pretty good year but today damn sure was horrible)

I said going into this week they needed to split this and the NE game and win 3 out of the next 5 to position themselves for the final push. Now its win 3 out of 4. Let this one get away from them. It's on to NE.

Turk Nowitzki

This is just a stream of consciousness: Total momentum changer on the situation that led to the safety. Roll out, misdirection anything that will at least let you throw the ball away and punt is better than that. Honestly can anyone tell me why Montgomery is on the team?

If you're going to do that cradle the damn ball with both hands!! Plus just give the damn rock over and over to Jones; ....they lack the guts to be a great and that starts with MM...since the debacle in Seattle where all they were thinking is 'no one beats Seattle at home'''Loser thought process......


I thought it was a spirited effort by GB, and they actually left themselves a chance because LA may have been looking past them at their upcoming game with the Saints. I said in the pregame thread earlier this week,

I think the Packers find a way to keep the Rams from completely running away with this game. But, still, I just don't feel confident in them pulling out a "W" on the road in LA.
Rams - 27
Packers - 24